I’m an happy owner of multiple 3drag, a very common and cheap 3d printer kit from an Italian firm. As 3drag is open source and very prone to improvements and modifications, i’ve done a lot of work to make my own machines more productive and multipurpose.

Many of the modifications and projects i built or contributed for 3drag can be easily adopted, with or without modifications, to other 3d printers and even on other machines.

If you like my work on this project, please consider to help me by contributing with a donation!

    Blog posts about 3drag:

  • 3d printing simple things for unusual reasons (for me) - Who know my attitude know that i use 3d printers most of all for mechanical or electronic projects or eventually home repairs. Anyway, sometime 3d printers come to be useful for others too, and usually this reveal to be true... Continue Reading →
  • 3drag / k8200 choko extruder fast clamp support - Just released on thingiverse the fast clamp support for the CHOKO extruder for 3drag: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1287833 Share this story 3d printing simple things for unusual reasons (for me) 3drag/k8200 precise Z axis endstop modification
  • 3drag/k8200 precise Z axis endstop modification - Another little modification for my 3drag machines: this time the goal is to have a more easy and precise tarature of the Z axis home, so, i modified the endstop regulator. As usual, stl files are on thingiverse and on github... Continue Reading →
  • Extruding 3mm ABS fluorescent filament for my 3d printer… - Using a filastruder derived self-built filament machine i’m extruding ABS fluo to feed my 3d printers ( Sorry for the vertical video…. my bad! ) Share this story When you need a coffee and no capsule... XTC-3D: first test
  • XTC-3D: first test - Recently i bought  a 3d print finisher called “XTC-3D”, a sort of bi-component resin brushable, sandable and picture friendly. This is the preliminary test ( sorry, the audio is in italian): Share this story Extruding 3mm ABS fluorescent filament for... Continue Reading →
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