I own a K40 chinese laser cutter highly customized and improved. This is a very cheap but also very customizable machine. I’m the author of the MarlinKimbra support for laser cutters, and I maintain a patched version of a plugin for inkscape to generate the needed gcode to feed the machine, and of a patched version of pronterface to manage the laser machine too.

This project group my work on this machine, work that benefit also other DIY laser machine and the maker community at large.

Sources of my work:

If you like me to put my head on laser cutting free and open software, hardwares and mods, please help me to do that by donating!

  • How to build a perfect acrylic panel - Of course nowadays thanks to chinese low cost lasers machines  any geek/nerd/maker can’t live without a CO2 laser cutter, don’t you?I’m more than sure you have one too, and if you don’t yet have one, you must really buy/build it.... Continue Reading →
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