spam trap page

This web page contains a list of nonexistent email addresses. It was inspired by Spam virgin. Spammers who harvest these addresses will find that they do not work. If enough people did this, it would make spamming impossible.

The list is automatically generated by using the Unix dictionary. The csh script is mkspamtrap and it uses two input files: spamhead.html (the top of the web page) and spamtail.html (the end of the web page).

Note: Initially I avoided the name because this is a real web site. You can use whois to make sure that there are no domains for the location you choose. However, as I have now done, I do direct the list to my own domain. This way (theoretically) spammers will have to work rather hard to figure out the sensible email addresses from those which cause bounces.

2001 Sep 18: A small variation adds a time based string of digits to the addresses. This means that the web page contains a unique collection of addresses and one gets a different set of addresses each time one runs the program. A spam bot will have to deal with the new list each time you refresh your page. Of course this could be done every day if you want ...

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