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3drag / k8200 choko extruder fast clamp support

Just released on thingiverse the fast clamp support for the CHOKO extruder for 3drag:

Starting to ship rasky rewards

It’s time to start to ship some rewards for rasky contributors: 
Early supporters of the “Open Source Entusiast” perk are being rewarded

Help the Rasky project now! you can donate to the project, preorder a rasky board and/or just sharing …

Rasky update: schematic almost complete

Rasky schematic is almost complete,  only the power supply stage and few other things like some leds and some capacitors remain to add, and then will be time to place components and route traces on the PCB.

Few things about …

Rasky update: choosing how to connect the CPLD to RaspberryPI

HEY! don’t forget to support by contributing and/or sharing the Rasky KVM over IP project! thanks!

The Rasky video capture circuit is the harder part of the project from the hardware side, and the one that responsible to all …

Crowdfunding: self-hosted vs third party, why i choose to self host the Rasky campaign

Recently i’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund my Rasky project. Rasky is an Open Source and DIY friendly KVM over IP built on top of the Raspberry PI model 2 board.

Of course, if you like the project and …

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