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Building a 150 Celsius degree hotbed for 3drag/k8200

For ABS and other polimers i need a better hotbed than the one shipped by default with my 3drag. Basically i need a better leveled surface and a more hot plate. So, my solution is to buy the 90 degree …

s3 glass sobstitution



Per tutti quelli che si lamentano della mia pignoleria nel risolvere i problemi

Ecco una descrizione di alcuni tratti comuni a molti nerd, in particolare agli informatici dediti al mondo unix/unix like, in cui io mi riconosco al 100%. Se sei una di quelle persone che a volte si lamentano delle mie lungaggini …

CloudTC Glass IP 1000: “android based” ip voip phone, geek point of view.

Some time ago i’ve discovered thanks to i can’t remember who/what something that’s looks like a very interesting voip phone: a CloudTC Glass 1000, something like a mix between a tablet and a voip phone.

As i need to …

OpenWRT on routerboard 439G

Today i received a Mikrotik Routerboard 493G, and i’m trying to use it with openwrt.

Basically using the same method of my previous post for rb450g it boot and a lot of things are working out of the box.

I’ve …

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