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3drag/k8200 precise Z axis endstop modification

Another little modification for my 3drag machines: this time the goal is to have a more easy and precise tarature of the Z axis home, so, i modified the endstop regulator. As usual, stl files are on thingiverse and on …

Extruding 3mm ABS fluorescent filament for my 3d printer…

Using a filastruder derived self-built filament machine i’m extruding ABS fluo to feed my 3d printers ( Sorry for the vertical video…. my bad! )

XTC-3D: first test

Recently i bought  a 3d print finisher called “XTC-3D”, a sort of bi-component resin brushable, sandable and picture friendly.

This is the preliminary test ( sorry, the audio is in italian):

Osso: how i mount it

Osso is an expansion cape board for beaglebone black i built and sell. This is how i mount components on the in-house built ready to mount PCB:

First, i spread some fluxant on the to-be-solder side of the PCB and …

DIY SMD soldering

This is how i solder SMD components on a little arduino-like MCU board based on PIC18F97j60 by Microchip in my laboratory, step by step, using solder paste and a little electric stove:

1- heat the electric stove measuring a temperature …

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