As someone already know, i’m a popular investor program member in eToro.
This post is supposed to be usefull only to who in eToro intend to copy my trades, as a guideline on how to expect by copy me. For anyone else it is probably totally unusefull.

Portfolio composition and trading strategy

My portfolio is composed roughly by 1/3 cryptocurrency and 2/3 assets in IT and technology companies.

On the crypto part i tend to buy and go long time for the crypto positions, on which the vast majority is and will be on BTC, second in list is ETH, then other little positions on other coins.

Positions are open for very long time ( months ), and i usually buy multiple positions per coin while they are dropping until reached my max percentage, then sell it when they give me a good percentage gain white going up or old it long term until they do that.

For the IT assets part, i work only on companies i know directly or by trusted close friends working in the field, i try to identify solid companies that i expect will do very well in the real market, then or i buy it if the price is fair or i wait some event like a Trump tweet or any other news that can make the asset drop in price for no real reason and/or more than deserved for the news and then i buy it. 

I rarely do any short position, i’m not just feeling enough safe with them. 

Positions on crypto are all 1x, NEVER short on crypto.

Positions on other assets can have a leverage, no more than 2x on companies.

From time to time it happens i open some positions on gold or on USD/ZAR, they are exception when i feel to have solid news about something happening that will move the price, they remain low leverage and only with very little percentage of portfolio.

Suggestions for new copiers

As my trading are medium to long term ( expect min 1 week, max 2 or 3 months on companies, min 1 week max even a year or more for crypto ) it is suggested to open the already open positions.

It’s suggested to copy me with no less than $1000 with an ideal amount of $2000 or more, as i open multiple very little positions, expect positions as low as 0.5% of the amount invested with positions of 1% very common in my portfolio. 

If you intend to copy me please do it only if you are ready to do it for medium/long term. It happens very often that people starts to copy me, they see red going on and then close the copy position: this is the best way to loose your money. If you aren’t able to be patient and wait even for weeks or months, don’t copy me. I often buy when assets are going down, so, it’s completely normal and expected to have red positions in my portfolio, they are just waiting to become green. I’m also subjected to crypto volatility, and this can let us going red in a very fast manner, but they can give us also huge gains if we are patient enough.

Remember that you are NOT losing anything until you close your position, as my strategy is on medium to long term trading it happens very often to have some even deep red in short terms, it’s part of what is expected and you should not scared about that, just wait patiently and i will be probably and hopefully able to make you stay on the green side. 

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