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XO-3b transit from skylive Telescope #4


Here is the  light curve of a transit of the exoplanet XO-3b, done by analyzing in comparative photometry 200 exposures with r filt, 2×2 binning and 45 sec of exposure, 10 mediated dark frames, 10 mediated flat frames, all …

NGC2070 B/W from skylive telescope 6

This is an average of 5 images on H band with 900 exposures from different time/users of skylive telescope number 6, elaboration with skyliveNG by Franco Lanza

M51 bw image from skylive telescope 4


This is a fast average of 6 exposures of m51 in different days during end of 2008 and first quarter of 2009, from misc skylive users, average done by Franco Lanza with skyliveNG, only in black and white ( …

NGC5128 from the skylive telescope 6

An RGB shot of NGC5128 from the skylive telescope number 6 composed by 1×900 sec for each channel R, G, B, L, single exposure. Exposures by Steven Williams, elaboration by Franco Lanza

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