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Eastern veil nebula from telescope #1 skylive


Eastern Veil Nebula HGBL

2xH filter + 1xG filter + 2xB filter + 1xL filter 900 seconds exposures with the takahashi sky90 apo with a sbig st8xme telescope number 1 of the skylive network. Stacking done with Astrobuffer, just a little color calibration …

NGC2070 B/W from skylive telescope 6

This is an average of 5 images on H band with 900 exposures from different time/users of skylive telescope number 6, elaboration with skyliveNG by Franco Lanza

NGC2237 from tele1 skylive


Here a shot of ngc2237 from the italian telescope #1 of the skylive network.

This image is  the raw composition (no post-processing correction at all) of 2 exposures of 900 secs in H, 2x 600 sec H, 1 x …

Un paio di foto fatte con i telescopi siciliani di Skylive

Foto Ottenuta con:  2x 900 sec + 1x 400 exposure H filter,  1x 900 sec + 1x 400 sec exposure for each of R, G, B filters, average of 3x 900 sec DARK frames

Elaborazione: SkyliveNG

Post Elaborazione e finitura: …

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