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NGC2237 from tele1 skylive


Here a shot of ngc2237 from the italian telescope #1 of the skylive network.

This image is  the raw composition (no post-processing correction at all) of 2 exposures of 900 secs in H, 2x 600 sec H, 1 x …

Another M31: long exposures

This is another example of an m31 image composed by 8×600 sec. L filter and 5×600 sec R, G and B filter, with 2×600 sec Dark frames

M31 again: more exposures


This is a fast average of 6 exposures of m51 in different days during end of 2008 and first quarter of 2009, from misc skylive users, average done by Franco Lanza with skyliveNG, only in black and white ( …

M31 dal telescopio 1 skylive

Media di 3 exposizioni con filtro L, 2 per ogni canale R G B e 2 dark frame, tutte a 180 secondi. Elaborazione SkyliveNG, autore Franco Lanza

Un paio di foto fatte con i telescopi siciliani di Skylive

Foto Ottenuta con:  2x 900 sec + 1x 400 exposure H filter,  1x 900 sec + 1x 400 sec exposure for each of R, G, B filters, average of 3x 900 sec DARK frames

Elaborazione: SkyliveNG

Post Elaborazione e finitura: …

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