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Desktop / Laptop privacy & security of web browsers on Linux part 2: firejail based sandboxes

In this post i will show an example on how to pratically realize a more secure web browsing environment exploiting some great Linux kernel features to create sandboxed environments for browsers. If you don’t know what i’m talking about and

Cyanogenmod 13 on samsung s4: fixing modem and audio

Yes, i’m the owner of a samsung s4 intl, gt-19505, and as probably anyone using cyanogenmod 13 nightly build, my phone suffered cellular network issues. This is how i fixed it.

The phone started to have cellular network issues few …

3d printing simple things for unusual reasons (for me)

Who know my attitude know that i use 3d printers most of all for mechanical or electronic projects or eventually home repairs. Anyway, sometime 3d printers come to be useful for others too, and usually this reveal to be true …

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