shop – Terms and conditions

Last update: 12 August 2015

All customers and donors should read the following terms and conditions before buying or donating anything from Nexlab di Franco Lanza. This document is an agreement between Nexlab di Franco Lanza and customers using services, buying anything or donating to Nexlab and Nexlab projects.

By donating, buying, paying anything on this web site the customer accept this agreement. This agreement is applied to all customers and/or collaborators, technicians or final users of the services and devices purchased from Nexlab di Franco Lanza, individual company based in Lonate Pozzolo (VA), via 2 giugno 5/b, CAP 21015, Italy

 P. IVA 03454650122, C.F LNZFNC76B14L682J, email, web site

1- Granted that:

  • Nexlab di Franco Lanza, from now only “Nexlab”, is the owner of the website “” and subdomains that hold data regarding crowdfunding project by Franco Lanza and an online shop where Franco Lanza sells prototypal devices, softwares and services designed, built and assembled by his own eventually using third party open source software and/or hardware;
  • Premises are part of this agreement
  • All devices, services and/or software on the Nexlab’s shop is owned, designed and built by Franco Lanza, and released with open source approved license where not differently specified
  • All crowdfunding project on Nexlab’s shop have the goal to fund a project and/or a services offered and executed by Franco Lanza
  • Nexlab will provide the customer with access to their website to know all the relevant data of any donation and/or shopping done by the customer on Nexlab’s web site, in ottemperance with the Italian’s laws of privacy and data retention, according with the terms you can find in our privacy policy
  • All donors on crowdfunding projects acknowledge and accept that Nexlab, in the person of Franco Lanza, will do the best to execute any project and make it succeed, but he cannot guarantee it will be able to do so, in any case all relevant info will be available publicy  to let contributors and donors know the exact status of the project with all relevant data.

2- Order type definitions

  • Pre-order in crowdfunding: any payment in a crowdfunding campaign that will be rewarded with a parts, kits or complete devices of the subject of the crowdfunding campaign, except where differently specified
  • Donations and free donations: any direct donations to Nexlab or to a crowdfunding campaign without any reward, or with a symbolic reward like a “thank you” or a 3d printed logo, or any gadget not part of the crowdfunding subject, or when parts of the crowdfunding subject is specified to be a donation reward.
  • Order: any payment for devices, services or softwares that isn’t subject of crowdfunding campaign and is available as a separate product on the Nexlab shop.

3- Prices, taxes and customs duties

  • All prices for pre-orders in crowdfunding projects are comprensive of taxes and shipping costs except where differently specified, there are no customs duties for any shipped product in EU zone, customs duties outside of EU zone aren’t included nor can be calculated by Nexlab, please call your customs office to know if import taxes apply to your order. 
  • All prices for services, software and devices sold by Nexlab except for crowdfunding projects are without taxes and without shipping costs. Both taxes and shipping costs will be calculated during cart processing before collecting payment, you can recede from the order and empty the cart in any step before confirming your order and after knowing taxation applied and shipping costs for your location. VAT is applied according to Italians and EU laws. There are no customs duties for any shipped product in EU zone, customs duties outside of EU zone aren’t included nor can be calculated by Nexlab, please call your customs office to know if import taxes apply to your order.
  • Both for crowdfunding projects pre-orders and for non-crowdfunding services, software and devices you can buy from Nexlab, I will provide you a valid Invoice according to EU and Italian laws, in English
  • For free donations and crowdfunding donations that cannot be considered a pre-order over 50 euro or equivalent for other currency, or if you ask for it,I will provide you a receipt that you can use for tax reclaims, according to the laws of your country. The receipt isn’t a valid Invoice as, according to Italian laws, it is not considered a taxable amount, and will NOT indicate VAT id.

4- Return&refund policy and cooling-off period 

  • For orders of software products, Under the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on consumer rights you have the right to withdraw from the purchase until the actual start of download.
  • For orders of physical devices, customers have right to return back the purchased product with a cooling-off period of 14 days from the date of receipt, without specify any excuse/motivation. The returned product will be 100% refunded, except for shipping expenses assuming the returned device isn’t intentionally damaged, shipping back is up to the customer.
  • Donations, free or rewarded, do not provide any refund policy.
  • pre-orders for crowdfunding campaign will be 100% refunded when requested by the customer/contributor if not delivered after 6 months from the estimated date of delivery, except if a different refund policy is specified or a different agreement is accepted by both parts. If a refund procedure isn’t specified for a campaign, refund requests can be sent by email to

5- Warranty

  • Open source software and hw schematics come with NO warranty, as specified in the LICENSE or file.
  • Donations rewards come with NO warranty.
  • devices purchased or pre-ordered on Nexlab shop except for donations to crowdfunding campaign are subject to EU laws and come with a warranty of 2 years for final private customers, and of 1 year for companies, starting from when you receive the subject of the purchase or pre-order. The warranty does not apply to faults caused by improper use or violent impact, nor to associated or consequential damage, and do not apply to major causes like unforeseeable natural events (es: earthquacke, floods, etc…). The warranty applies – except where otherwise stipulated – only to the appropriate use of the product in question.

6- Shipping

  • Donation rewards up to 30€ total value are usually sent by the Italian postal service and received in 1 to 15 days depending of the shipping destination.
  • Donation rewards for more than 30€, device purchase and pre-ordered are usually sent by UPS or TNT carrier except if differently specified, and usually received in 1 day in Italy, 2 to 3 days in continental europe, 3 to 4 days for continental USA and Canada, 3 to 7 days in the rest of the world, depending on the effective destination, eventual customs clearance times not included. 
  • Device purchased from Nexlab are usually shipped in 24 to 72 hours if available in stock as indicated in the individual product page
  • Crowdfunding campaign rewards shipping estimated date is indicated in the individual perk.
  • Any delay in shipping will be notified, in public  for crowdfunding campaigns and with a private email sent to the customer for orders, as soon as possible

7- Applicable laws and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by Italian law. Disputes arising out of or related to these Terms (including non-contractual disputes) shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the local (relative to Nexlab) courts of Italy, provided however, that this shall not prejudice the right of the parties to sue at any office of competent jurisdiction, according to applicable procedural law.