This is how i solder SMD components on a little arduino-like MCU board based on PIC18F97j60 by Microchip in my laboratory, step by step, using solder paste and a little electric stove:

1- heat the electric stove measuring a temperature just a little bit higher than the melting temperature declared for your solder paste: mine is 273 C degree, so, i put my stove to ~ 290 degree


2- fix some pieces of old/wrong/unusable PCB to a table/desk with tape, they will help to block your PCB when you will put the squeeze the solder paste on it

 wpid-img_20141110_062802.jpg wpid-img_20141110_062813.jpg

3- with some tape, fix a piece of printable plastic transparent sheet


4- using a marker, draw the plastic sheet where you will remove plastic creating a solder paste mask


5- carefully remove the plastic from the mask where needed with a precision cutter

wpid-img_20141110_072817.jpg wpid-img_20141110_072830.jpg


6- time to squeeze solder paste on our PCB

wpid-img_20141110_082513.jpg wpid-img_20141110_082608.jpg wpid-img_20141110_073108.jpg

7- place all the SMD components on the board, carefully align them

wpid-img_20141110_083354.jpg wpid-img_20141110_083403.jpg


8- solder!

wpid-img_20141110_084519.jpg wpid-img_20141110_084507.jpg wpid-img_20141110_084551.jpg

9- time to check (and eventually fix) for bridges and solder quality at the microscope

wpid-img_20141110_084624.jpg wpid-img_20141110_084641.jpg

10- enjoy!




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