Osso Beaglebone I/O expansion cape


  • both beaglebone white or black supported
  • devicetree support files released
  • 8 relays up to 275VAC @ 10A
  • 8 digital opto-isolated inputs up to 50 meters distance
  • 9V to 24V DC power supply accepted
  • Beaglebone is powered from the expansion pins
  • open source design

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Product Description

Osso expand the BeagleBone board (white, black, red, green)  adding 8 relays and 8 opto-isolated digital inputs


  • 8 relays up to 275V AC @10A
  • 8 digital opto-isolated or non-optoisolated inputs up to 50 meters distance
  • power supply 12V DC (Beaglebone powered from expansion pins)

Open Source:



  1. It runs on 9V to 24V DC and requires how much current in?

    • 1.5 Ampere peak with all relays closed, 2A power supply is suggested.

  2. Could the board be supplied with 24VDC instead of 12VDC?

    • Yes, just specify it in the comment form when buy or drop me an email

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