Today i received a Mikrotik Routerboard 493G, and i’m trying to use it with openwrt.

Basically using the same method of my previous post for rb450g it boot and a lot of things are working out of the box.

I’ve tryed also to install openwrt on nand, and it seem to work. So, what doesn’t work?
* Networking: the ethernet ports aren’t working.
* nand partially working: it seem that won’t save anything, you will loose any change after reboot.
* wireless: i have also a mikrotik minipci wifi card, lspci says it’s an ath9k, but it doesn’t seem to work ok.

Now, i’ll try to gettings things working.

For the networking, the rb493g isn’t so different from the rb450g. It uses the same switch chip, but it has two ar8316 instead of
one like in the rb450g.

As first step, i’ve tryed to make at least one of the two working applying this patch:


It seem to partially work: i can use 4 ports out of 9 on the board using this patch.

To be continued…

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