3drag PowerPWM


  • Fast digital buffer 
  • opto-isolated circuits
  • 8 to 16V input
  • 24V up to 10A for the output circuit
  • open source design
  • ideal for driving 3drag/k8200 and other 3d printers heatbed with an additional 24V powe unit

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Product Description

3drag PowerPWM is a fast opto-isolated digital buffer born to permit to use a 24V additional power unit on 3d printers heatbed to speed up heating time and achieve higher temperatures.

It’s open source, single layer easy and SMD design let DIY addicted to easy build it at home.

You can get the PCB only, the kit complete with all components to be soldered or the already assembled ready to use version. Optionally, you can get also the 3d printed case, with or without a clamp for standard guide bars used on 3drag/k8200.

PCB only and KIT versions come with a PVC transparent foil solderpaste mask to ease the squeeze of solderpaste if you can use it to solder SMD components.

Quantity discount available.

design files and docs available at https://git.nexlab.net/nexlab/3drag_powerpwm



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