Osso Beaglebone I/O expansion cape


  • both beaglebone white or black supported
  • devicetree support files released
  • 8 relays up to 275VAC @ 10A
  • 8 digital opto-isolated inputs up to 50 meters distance
  • 9V to 24V DC power supply accepted
  • Beaglebone is powered from the expansion pins
  • open source design

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Product Description

Osso expand the BeagleBone board (white, black, red, green)  adding 8 relays and 8 opto-isolated digital inputs


  • 8 relays up to 275V AC @10A
  • 8 digital opto-isolated or non-optoisolated inputs up to 50 meters distance
  • power supply 12V DC (Beaglebone powered from expansion pins)

Open Source:



  1. It runs on 9V to 24V DC and requires how much current in?

    • 1.5 Ampere peak with all relays closed, 2A power supply is suggested.

  2. Could the board be supplied with 24VDC instead of 12VDC?

    • Yes, just specify it in the comment form when buy or drop me an email

  3. Can I still use i2c pins and analog inputs or board blocks these off and I need to solder wires. I want to use your board for gpo but I have i2c LCD and analog inputs that I still need use on bbb

    • you can use all the pins not used by the board itself

  4. Anyone around to answer a question

  5. Do u still have any around I’d buy one

    • Sorry but nexlab as a company doesn’t exists anymore, the board is fully open source though, so, if you follow the git repository links you can download all the project files needed to build one using another fab facility

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